Usama Sarwar

Usama Sarwar (/’ue-saw-ma/; born October 22) is a leading technology expert, developer, designer, marketing expert and mentor with a passion for making a positive impact in the tech industry! As a Google Certified Digital Marketing Expert, he has turbocharged the revenue of multinational companies, taking it to new heights ten times over! And that’s just the beginning! Usama is a Certified Flutter Developer who develops cross-platform app, delivering amazing solutions to more than nine platforms that includes Web, Android, iOS, Desktop, Windows, macOS, Linux and Embedded. With a passion for development, Usama is always pushing the envelope and creating innovative solutions that make a huge impact on millions of lives through his community projects, like the Assignmento Freelancing Platform, AlShaafi Medical App, Bab-ul-Islam Islamic App, Hotspot+ Entertainment App, and WhatsUp Discount Coupon App, just to name a few.

As a passionate open-source contributor, Usama is always giving back, making a real difference, and inspiring others to do the same. He’s a mentor to countless aspiring developers, sharing his skills, wisdom, and confidence to help them reach for the stars. With expertise in graphic design, digital marketing, cross-platform app development, and eCommerce solutions, Usama is a well-rounded tech master who’s had experience in a variety of industries, including health tech, fintech, and e-commerce.

With a strong belief in collaboration and communication, Usama is a shining star in the tech community, setting the bar high with his hard work, dedication, and innovation. He’s an influencer, a motivator, and a true inspiration to all those around him, proving that anything is possible with the right attitude and approach!

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A world where technology fuels positive change and innovation.


To transform the digital landscape and drive progress.

Family Background

Usama Sarwar, who hails from Bhakkar and Sheikhupura, was born on October 22, 1998 in Faisalabad, Punjab, Pakistan to Dr. Muhammad Sarwar and Dr. Fozia Sarwar. He grew up in Faisalabad along with his siblings, Warda Sarwar, Emaan Sarwar, and Yahya Sarwar. On November 4th, 2022, he married Amna Usama. Usama and Amna have one daughter named Dua Usama. Usama belongs to a Muslim Family. Usama believes, there is no God but Allah and Prophet (PBUH) is the last prophet of Allah. Usama is a Muslim and believes in Islam.

Academic Background

Usama excelled in elementary classes at Chiniot Islamia School and College, Faisalabad. He attended Indus Candid High School, Faisalabad where dedicated teachers polished his skills and refined his mental approach. This school played an important role in building his grounds. In 2011, Usama Sarwar got selected in Cadet College, Skardu when he was in 8th standard. This college is governed by Military Rules and Regulations. Usama met with the most brilliant minds; this college not only selects the toppers of the country but the students with amazing intelligence capabilities. Usama completed his Matriculation (Science - Biology) from Cadet College Skardu in 2014. Usama started his Intermediate Education, F.Sc (Pre-Medical) at FGS College, Kohinoor, Faisalabad. After completing his first year of F.Sc Pre-Medical, Usama went to KIPS College and started 2nd year of Pre-Medical. He went into the Medical field because of his parents’ wish. Usama’s parents are doctors and they wanted to see their son as a doctor. Although Usama was interested in Medical more likely Technology and Programming were his passion. Finally, Usama went for Computer Science leaving Pre-Medical Incomplete. In 2015, Usama went to SIAC, D-Ground, Faisalabad for Intermediate F.Sc Pre-Engineering and completed his Intermediate in Pre-Engineering in 2017. In September 2017, Usama went for a Bachelor of Computer Science BS(CS) Hons. at COMSATS University Islamabad where he learned core knowledge of programming and development. He graduated from COMSATS University Islamabad in 2021.


InstituteLevelMajorYearGrade / CGPA
Cadet College SkarduMatriculationsBiology2011 - 2014A+
Students’ Inn CollegeIntermediatePre-Engineering2015 - 2017A
COMSATS University IslamabadBachelorsComputer Science2017 - 20213.31 / 4


CertificationAffiliationCertificate IDDated
Certified Digital MarketingGoogle, USMNE DRA HEEDecember 22, 2020
Certified Security Operations Analyst AssociateMicrosoft, US994591889February 13, 2023
Flutter Development using DartApp Brewery, Londoncert_64chmfgtApril 24, 2020

Tools & Technologies

Usama Sarwar is a highly skilled and proficient software developer with a wide range of experience in both programming and graphic design. With a passion for technology and creativity, he has mastered a variety of tools and software programs to produce high-quality digital products.

With extensive experience using Microsoft Office 360, Microsoft Visual Studio Code, and Adobe Photoshop, Usama is a pro at creating and managing projects using these powerful applications. He also has extensive knowledge of Microsoft Word, Microsoft Visual Studio, and Adobe Illustrator, which he uses to develop and design user-friendly interfaces.

In addition to his skills with Microsoft products, Usama is well-versed in open-source technologies. He is proficient in NetBeans IDE, Canva, and Google Docs, and he has a deep understanding of Android Studio, Figma, and Google Sheets. He also has experience using Jupyter Notebook, Camtasia, and Google Forms, making him a versatile and multi-disciplinary software developer.

In addition to his technical skills, Usama has a strong creative side. He is proficient in using Adobe XD, Xcode, Adobe AfterEffect, and Adobe Premiere Pro, and has experience with Unity, EndNote, and BuildBox. He also has experience using design and writing tools such as Grammarly, WordPress, Picsart, and Rive.

Usama is also well-versed in collaboration and project management tools such as Jira, Git, Trello, GitHub, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet. He is highly organised and efficient, and he uses these tools to manage tasks and communicate with team members.

Overall, Usama Sarwar is a highly skilled and versatile software developer who has a passion for technology and creativity. He is a valuable asset to any team, and he is committed to delivering high-quality work to his clients.


Office ManagementDevelopmentGraphics
Microsoft Office 360Microsoft Visual Studio CodeAdobe Photoshop
Microsoft WordMicrosoft Visual StudioAdobe Illustrator
Microsoft ExcelNetBeans IDECanva
Microsoft PowerPointXcodeAdobe XD
Google DocsAndroid StudioFigma
Google SheetsJupyter NotebookCamtasia
Google FormsIntelliJ PyCharmAdobe AfterEffect
Google SlidesUnityAdobe Premiere Pro
Microsoft TeamsSublime Text
Google MeetChrome Developer Tools

Professional Achievements

Awards and Recognitions

Award / RecognitionDescriptionNominatorDated
Certificate of ExcellenceLogo Designer, Visio Spark 2017COMSATS University IslamabadNovember 11, 2017
The Best IT Service ProviderManagement, SEE Sahiwal 2018Islami Jamiat-e-TalbaJanuary 3, 2018
The Best Digital CalligrapherDigital Caligraphy CompetitionSahiwal Arts CouncilMay 16, 2018
ExhibitorJob Fair 2019COMSATS University IslamabadFebruary 28, 2019

Programming Career

Throughout his career, Usama has worked on a wide range of projects and has honed his skills in a variety of programming languages, including C/C++, Dart, Python, JavaScript, TypeScript, Java, C#, Assembly, PHP, Node.js, and R. He has also gained expertise in a number of frameworks, including Flutter, React.js, React Native, and Node.js. In addition to his technical skills, Usama is also highly proficient in a number of structural languages, including SQL, NoSQL (Firestore), HTML, CSS, Markdown, Mermaid, JSON, and XML. He has a deep understanding of these technologies and how they can be used to create effective and efficient software solutions.

Programming Languages

Programming LanguageExpertise LevelExperience
C/C++Expert7 years
Dart5 years
Python4 years
JavaScript4 years
TypeScript3 years
Java4 years
C#3 years
AssemblyIntermediate1 year
PHP1 year
Node.js1 year
R1 year
FlutterExpert5 years
React.jsIntermediate2 years
React Native2 years
Node.jsBeginner1 year
Structural Languages
SQLExpert6 years
NoSQL (Firestore)5 years
HTML9 years
CSS9 years
Markdown6 years
Mermaid6 years
JSON6 years
XMLIntermediate2 years

Events and Seminars

Usama was on fire with his community events! He sparked the Modern App Development Workshop at the Agriculture University in Faisalabad, Pakistan and brought new insights on the latest updates in Flutter at the Flutter Festival held at the Mall of Faisalabad. He also ignited a Cross-platform App Development workshop at Opp. GC University, Alpharanker. He set the online world ablaze with his Flutter for Beginners workshop streamed on YouTube Live and DevNation, attracting a massive crowd. He brought awareness on UI/UX Design at Local Hack Day in Okara, Pakistan and ended on a high note with his Career Development Seminar on YouTube Live with GrowMore Ltd., which was attended by a huge crowd.

Events and Seminars

Event AgendaLocationAudienceCity
Modern App Development WorkshopAgriculture University Faisalabad550-600Faisalabad, PK
What’s new in Flutter at Flutter FestivalMall of Faisalabad250-300
Cross-platform App DevelopmentOpp, GC University, Alpharanker100-150
Hands-on workshop on Flutter DevelopmentFlutter Festival, Faisalabad250-300
Expert WorkshopFacebook Live, DevNation2K+Lahore, PK
Hands-on workshop on Object Oriented ProgrammingCOMSATS University Islamabad150-200Sahiwal, PK
UI/UX Design Awareness at Local Hack DayeLibrary, Okara450-500Okara, PK
Global Live Conference on Flutter DevelopmentYoutube Live1000+International
Career Development SeminarYoutube Live, GrowMore Ltd.1000+International

Open-Source Contributions

Usama Sarwar has made significant contributions to the open-source community. He is the founder of Assignmento, a freelancing platform, impacting 2.6 million people. He is also the author of a popular technology blog and several online courses on Flutter, Dart, and React development. These have impacted millions of students and developers, with his Flutter course alone reaching over 2.7 million people. He is also the founder of Flutterism, a community for Flutter developers, and a maintainer of several Dart packages, including GetX and Telegram. His contributions have impacted hundreds of thousands of developers and students, and continue to be a valuable resource for the community.

Open-Source Contributions

TitleDescriptionContributionImpacted Audience
AssignmentoFreelancing PlatformFounder of Community2.6M+
Usama Sarwar BlogLatest Technology BlogAuthor1.4M+
Flutter CourseFlutter Development CourseAuthor2.7M+
Dart CourseDart Programming CourseAuthor2M+
React Native CourseFlutter Development CourseAuthor700K+
React.js CourseDart Programming CourseAuthor300K+
FlutterismFlutter Developers CommunityFounder of Community400K+
GetXDart PackageMaintainer11.5K+
TelegramDart PackageDeveloper and Maintainer5K+
CMDDart PackageDeveloper and Maintainer3K+
AgoraDart PackageMaintainer2K+
CSVDart PackageMaintainer1K+
FluttercapsuleFlutter Cheat SheetDeveloper and Maintainer1K+
FlutterismFlutter TutorialsDeveloper12K+
Flutter TutorialsYoutube ChannelDeveloper1K+

Community Projects

Usama Sarwar is a technology entrepreneur and developer who has made significant contributions to the Flutter and Dart communities. He is the founder of Assignmento, a freelancing platform, and Flutterism, a community for Flutter developers. He is also the author of several courses and tutorials on Flutter and Dart. Usama's work has impacted hundreds of thousands of developers and students, and continues to be a valuable resource for the community.

Assignmento Freelancing Platform


Usama Sarwar, founder of Assignmento, is dedicated to sharing the mission and importance of the world's leading freelancing and crowdsourcing community and marketplace. Assignmento connects over a million employers and freelancers from 247 countries, regions, and territories, offering a wide range of services including software development, writing, data entry, design, engineering, sciences, sales and marketing, accounting, legal services, and more. The community at Assignmento is dedicated to innovation, collaboration, and knowledge sharing, making it the largest and most popular freelancing platform in the world. The platform is constantly monitored and users are kept updated with product updates, company announcements, community highlights, and real-time service status notifications. Usama and his team are focused on promoting the rights and interests of freelancers by shaping policies that will advance the future of freelancing. The goal of Assignmento is to create economic opportunities and enhance the quality of life for people around the world. The platform is guided by values of self-discovery, growth, commitment, respect, empowerment, legacy, and inclusivity and aims to build a platform that offers equal opportunities for all, regardless of race, religion, or nationality. The team at Assignmento is dedicated to fostering a productive ecosystem for the freelancing community and invites others to join them on this journey.

Al-Shaafi COVID Diagnostics Application


Usama Sarwar is the founder of Al-Shaafi Web App, a medical diagnostic and treatment platform that utilizes Artificial Intelligence technology to predict diseases, including the COVID-19 virus. The app evaluates a person's symptoms and makes predictions about possible health conditions with the aim of providing an efficient and accurate diagnosis. According to Usama, early detection of the COVID-19 virus can significantly increase a patient's chances of recovery. The app functions as a virtual doctor by following the same steps as a human doctor would in diagnosing a patient. Al-Shaafi App provides medical checkup services in a prompt manner and suggests possible laboratory tests to help declare the disease. Once the disease is declared, doctors within the app can prescribe medicine based on the patient's medical history, including age, allergies, and blood pressure. In addition to medical diagnosis and treatment, the app offers emergency services, including a government-provided COVID-19 helpline and ambulance service. The app also provides weekly instructions for pregnant women and determines the estimated time of birth. A team of expert doctors is available for virtual consultations, and the app also records a patient's medical history to improve future predictions.

Bab-ul-Islam Islamic Infotainment Application


Bab-ul-Islam is a comprehensive Islamic mobile application founded by Usama Sarwar, designed to meet the spiritual needs of Muslims around the world. This app is acknowledged by renowned scholars as the most precise prayer time and Islam application available. The full Quran is available in Arabic scripts, with phonetics, translations, and audio recitations, making it easier for users to understand and recite the Quran. In addition, Bab-ul-Islam features an Islamic Hijri calendar, Hadees Muhammad (S.A.W), prayer timings, Islamic videos, and teachings from Islamic scholars. Users can refresh their souls and deepen their faith without any interruptions from ads. Bab-ul-Islam is the ultimate tool for Muslims to connect with their religion and enrich their spiritual lives.

Hotspot+ Entertainment Application


Usama Sarwar is the creator of the Hotspot+ App, a platform that curates and delivers the most relevant content from the World Wide Web. Whether you're interested in the latest news, sports updates, or entertainment content, you can find it all at Hotspot+. The app is designed for audiences of all ages and interests, with a wide range of categories including kids' cartoons, drama serials, motivational speakers, comedy, music, movies, and more. With the Hotspot+ app, you can access live TV channels, stay up-to-date on the latest news and enjoy exclusive leaks. Additionally, the app also offers access to digital courses and resources for programming and development, as well as speeches and videos from leading scholars and motivational speakers. With a lifetime subscription, Hotspot+ is your one-stop shop for all your entertainment needs. Whether you're looking to watch live sports matches, enjoy a movie night, or simply pass the time with some hilarious comedy, you'll find it all here. Download the Hotspot+ app today and start exploring the vast collection of content on offer!

WhatsUp Discounts and Coupons Application


Usama Sarwar is the creator of the WhatsUp App. With this innovative app, users can avail themselves of thousands of deals and discounts at more than 20,000 merchants in 158 cities worldwide. Experience unlimited discounts on clothing and shopping, as well as exclusive access to concerts, sporting events, and international travel. By simply downloading the app, users can enjoy significant reductions on their bills. With WhatsUp, you can pay less and do more. From restaurants and salons to apparel stores, gyms, clinics, hotels, and more, there are discounts available for all your favorite brands and establishments. Don't miss out on the chance to save big and enhance your lifestyle – join WhatsUp today!